Short CRIS

This game plan was a bad call. I did get the lower volume that I anticipated, but the price didn’t come down with it. I am still holding the position because I still think it will work, but it will be a bad call because I think I was a day too early on the call.
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Long MEET Day 12

This was a good call. There was strength at the open as anticipated, but it faded and stayed near its lows until close. Granted it was still green and I was able to sell 1/3 of my position into strength as I said I would. However, I didn’t like the fade and the inability to move back up. My analysis on this one is becoming unclear, so I closed the rest of the position while I was still break even.

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Long MEET Day 10

Today did close in the green and a touch closer to target, but I will make it a bad call. I’m not real happy with it. I was expecting a strong day as it seemed the sellers were all gone in this game plan. It opened great, but mid-day got smacked back down. It managed to stay green, but I consider it a weak close and ended the day with a nasty little shooting star. My optimism has changed to cautious optimism.
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