The Process

First and fore most, the thing to know is that this is my personal learning process. I don’t claim to be a professional or a scholar at this. I am just trying to get a grip on how this works because, quite frankly, I see it as a puzzle and I like puzzles. You will never hear me say you should follow me because I have all of this experience and a big long list of credentials, in fact, don’t follow me at all!

My only goal here is to make calls based on things I am learning and keeping track if they were good or bad. You won’t see anypercentage gains or losses or anything at all concerning money. I just want to track my ideas, were they good or bad and why. If I make more good calls than bad, then the money part will take care of itself.

Before I get into my process, here is a little something about why I am using this blog to keep my journal.

Through the power of HTML we can link related things, after all that is the point of it. I had originally just wrote things down in a notebook, but that became problematic when I had to keep flipping back and forth through pages to follow, chronologically, my line of thinking.

So, this became my new notebook with tons of advantages. Every post is kept in a timeline. I created categories that I can group things by to visualize them much more easily. It also gave me the ability to create sub-categories, like the Good Calls and Bad calls under Stocks I own. Then I can see all my mistakes and successes by clicking on those sub-categories. They will make good case studies for what I did right and wrong. Also, I can keep count of each. It will be easier to know when I need to make changes based on the Good Call/Bad Call ratio.

I also tag each post with the ticker of the stock it is about. This way I can click on the tag and see the complete life cycle of the stock easily and chronologically.