Close a trade in the same time frame you opened it

It’s still early in my journal, but so far I’ve close three trades and all have been losers. Not in terms of money gains, I have made some profit, but in terms of reaching at least 90% of target.

In each case the same thing happened. I opened the trade based on a setup I was watching on the weekly chart. When I closed the trade, I did it on an event in the daily chart that seemed to jeopardize my reason for the trade. Even so, the weekly chart setup was still in tact.

My conclusion is that if I open a trade on events in one time frame, I need to close it based on events in that same time frame. I can manage the position based on events in other time frames, but don’t close it. In all three cases I would have had winners if I’d just held because, even though the daily got shaky, the weekly was still good.