Long $BSMX Day 12 Analysis

Today was a bad call from yesterday’s game plan. I was right about cautious moves, but wrong about them being up. On the bright side, it wasn’t down either. It ended right where it started.

micro analysis


Here is today on the 15 minute chart. It doesn’t get much more flat line than that. There was a little volatility in the morning, but it found equilibrium for most of the day. There isn’t much to analyze here. It’s just a waiting game now.

macro analysis


Here is today in the context of the last five days. The volume continues to decline and today’s price range stayed within the same range as yesterday. I feel like a press release will need to come out, or something, to drive the next leg.

global analysis


Here is the weekly. Despite the equilibrium we are experiencing on the daily, the weekly still looks bullish. At the moment we are still at the highs of the week.

tomorrow’s game plan

Without news or something to break the equilibrium, I think any move will be slight. If we do make any kind of significant move,  based on the characteristics of phase E, I see it going to the up side.


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