Long $BSMX Day 15 Analysis

Today was a good call from yesterday’s game plan. Today stayed in it’s tight range, and ended the day with no change.

Because there isn’t anything really different from previous days to analyze, I’m just doing a game plan for tomorrow and skipping the full analysis.

tomorrow’s game plan

Today’s volume was a bit more than Friday, but still well below average. The candle ended in an indecisive doji, which makes sense when bulls and bears are equal.

Something needs to happen to break the stalemate. Either some news or MM’s may do some sort of shakeout to get fear and greed going. However, MM’s can be patient and wait. It is more likely retail will become impatient and cause it to crack.

I have a feeling there will be some minor news in the near future intended to manipulate this out of it’s rut. Until then, more of the same.


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