Long $BSMX Day 9 Analysis

Today was a good call from yesterday’s game plan. Ok, I wasn’t entirely correct. I said if earnings were bad I thought we would have a knee jerk reaction. Earnings seemed pretty good, but we still had a knee jerk reaction. As I said I would, I bought the dip.

Weekly Scorecard
I added to my position twice this week, both times on dips. The week ended today with earnings. The action looked like a shake out to me.

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Long $BSMX Day 4

Today was a good call from yesterday’s game plan. Today was down, but as expected, not very much.

Weekly Scorecard

This week had a nice move out of range, but is looking like it needs to rest a bit. A pullback to the $10.08 area would be a great opportunity to add, and a good setup for trending up after earnings.

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Long $BSMX Day 1

Today was a bad call from yesterday’s game plan. I thought we would have a hard time getting over the upper channel resistance line and the 200DMA on the weekly. I figured we would move back into the TR. To my surprise we moved right through everything with relative ease and closed above it all. It was a pleasant surprise.

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