Month: May 2020

KNSL – Added to watchlist

QLYS – Trade Update

Good close after bad close yesterday. Changed open order to 1/3 position, $116 trigger, $120.59 limit and $110.20 stop.

EA – Added to watchlist

CDNS – Added to watchlist

PLMR – Order Filled @ $69.96

MOH – Order Filled

MOH – Pending Order

After getting stopped out of the previous trade, it still looks like a good trade. I think I got caught in a shakeout, or just a bad opening in the market. Whatever the reason, I set new stoplimit order for a 1/3 position. Buy stop triggers at $184.00 and a limit of $187.50. If the…

PLMR – Pending Order

Stoplimit set for full position. Stop trigger at $65.50 with limit at $69.96.

QLYS – Trade Update

No fill yet on remaining 2/3 position, but left the order open.

MOH – Closed Trade -5.00%

Got stopped out for a 5% loss.