Day: June 18, 2020

AYX – Pending order

Stop Trigger = $163.00 | Limit = $163.09 | Stop Loss = $154.85 | 50% Position | $98.88 Risk. It keeps going up on increased volume, so I will add the remaining 50% and carry a full position.

BAND – Remove from watchlist

I was waiting for a retest that didn’t happen, so I will remove it from the watchlist for now.

ACLS – Pending order

Stop Trigger = $28.75 | Limit = $28.76 | Stop Loss = $27.31 | 25% Position | $49.43 Risk. Solid fundamentals and nice setup.

PJT – Pending order

Stop Trigger = $55.50 | Limit = $55.62 | Stop Loss = $52.72 | 25% Position. Fundamentals are solid. Setup could be better, but good enough to start a position.

EVER – Added to watchlist

The fundamentals show good growth and chart looks good. However, it look late in the stage, so I’m going to watch it first. The volume has been steadily decreasing. If there is a very low volume day, I will place an order.

PZZA – Order filled @ $83.68

Order filled, but didn’t have the volume to follow through and ended a little lower. The volume continues to decrease. It looks good for a BO, but may need to absorb some more supply first.

FRPT – Order filled @ $87.14

Today hit my target, but closed below it. The volume was average. I will wait to add more until it has a real BO on high volume or sets up to BO after some very low volume.

AYX – Order filled @ $152.63

I now have a 50% position. Good move on good volume.