Month: September 2021

PENDING: SIRI(1) 10% Short

SIRI added two consecutive prints today, both over 1m shares at 6.13. The price is right at the convergence of the 20SMA and down channel resistance. The daily strength looks good, but the longer term weekly is weak. I used a 5y chart to plat some support at 6.10, which is right where it closed….


XLE went down and AES also continued down with increasing volume. However, now its right at 22.7 support. I’m expecting some bounce off that. If there is and XLE doesn’t recover, short the remaining into the strength.


Today made a new ATH, but then reversed soon after. It closed at the low of the day on increasing volume. It’s heading for the next support level at 62.50. Watch to see how it reacts there. If it breaks, then the pivot at 59.80 is next.


Yesterday looks like it was a false move. Today got rejected above 18.50 resistance and closed at the low of the day on increasing volume from yesterday. I’m expecting another retest of the pivot arount 17.16. Depending on how it reacts there, add he remaining 40%.

OPEN: STC(1) 20% Long at $64.57

OPEN: LCUT(2) 40% Long at $18.60

PENDING: STC(1) 20% Long

Today made a strong move off the 62.50 support, which is what I was watching for. The daily strength is gaining momentum as is the weekly. Place an order just over the high of the day. But, the price is close t ATH and overbought conditions so only buy 20%.


XLE closed with no gain below it’s resistance, but hard to tell if it confirmed or rejected yesterday’s potential reversal candle. Meanwhile, AES closed lower again on consistent volume. Remain watching for XLE reversal confirmation, or AES retest of broken support at 23.50.

PENDING: LCUT(2) 40% Long

Looks like the low of yesterday was the mentioned retest of the pivot. Today made back most of the losses and closed back over the 18.50 resistance. The volume could have been higher, but was still relatively high. Place a 40% order just above today’s close.

CLOSED: CCL 100% Position at $25.50 for 1.96% Loss

I should have closed it yesterday when that upper wick and down day showed further rejection.


Got hammered today on relatively the same amount of recent volume. The pivot, 20 and 50SMA’s are all converging at the same place. Wait for a retest of the pivot. If it passes add at least a 40% position.

OPEN: LCUT(1) 20% Long at $18.53


Today closed at its low of the day on increasing volume. The weekly and daily strength continues to deteriorate. However the Energy sector ETF (XLE), was the only sectors to close green today. It showed strong volume, but little reaction. Today also had a big print on the XLE. It remained green, but closed at…

OPEN: AES(2) 20% Short at $23.40


Fundamentals look great! Nice EPS expansion with 60.51% average beat. R and NI are showing solid and consistent growth. CFO has faltered the previous Q and was not quality earnings. However, that was well made up foe in the MRQ. Margin growth has been good with a solid 9.24% average margin and 74.92% YoY growth….


Solid move over 18.50 resistance on increasing volume. The opening gapped over my limit order, so it didn’t trigger the buy. It closed with some pullback, leaving an upper wick about the same size as the body. Keep the order open in case the pullback continues and retests the 18.50 area.


Up day on big volume. I don’t like the way it closed. The selling at the end of the day left a long upper wick shooting star reversal candle. Just watch the close tomorrow. If the candle is confirmed, then close the position.

PENDING: AES(2) 20% Short

It started the day going back up as soon as my order to short filled. It went up to the convergence of the 20 and 50SMAs and the down channel resistance where it got rejected. It was a lower volume day that ended green, but still closed below 23.50 resistance. I like the look. Add…

OPEN: CCL(1) 20% Long at $26.01

OPEN: AES(1) 50% Short at $23.39