Fundamentals look inconsistent, but overall good. Average EPS beat is 200.48%. Last 2Qs were expected to be EPS losses, but were positive surprises. Revenue has shown consistent growth. A year ago the Net income was at a loss, but has swung to profit each Q since. 3 and 4 Qs ago showed big gains, but both were not quality earnings. CFO has been inconsistent with the MRQ showing a big decrease. Average margin is only 4.24%, but has shown a big 216.98% increase YoY. There is growth, but its choppy. Overall they look like they are handling some tougher times pretty well.

VCP is good. BO volume the day after pivot, but not really BO price action. Weekly strength looks good, but MAs not in order. Daily strength is turning up, but MACD hasn’t crossed up yet. Watch for a pullback to the pivot.