$ATI – UPDATE: +3.76R, Move Stop Up, Protect 2.75R

First of all, earnings were reported pre-bell. You can see in the fundamentals chart above that they may have good earnings, but the acceleration in growth is leveling off. They talked about being on track to accomplish their goals, but the deceleration in earnings probably isn’t a good thing.

Despite the growth deceleration, earnings were good enough to spark a good gain, good close and big volume day. I finally broke over my 3R goal. Ideally, I’d actually like to get to 4R so I can set an automatic trailing stop with a 1R trail. Then I could just let it run and have a minimum 3R gain protected.

I’m going to play around with advanced orders in ToS and see if I can set a trigger that will place a 1R stop if the price crosses 4R. I’m pretty sure that can be done, but not exactly sure how.

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