$AGYS – UPDATE: -0.18R, Time to be Cautious

There are several flags going up on this one, and it’s time to think about taking my loss while it’s still small. The flags are as follows:

  • I’ve held for over 2 weeks without a big volume move higher
  • It has hovered just above the PoLR, but closed below it, and stayed below it this week
  • It also closed, and stayed, below the 20-day MA
  • It’s RS within the Technology sector has been decreasing
  • The Technology sector’s RS is still underperforming the SPX

When I first bought, I acknowledged the concern with the last 2 bullets. But, since then, the first 3 have stacked up against it too. The only not so bad thing is the pullback below the PoLR and 20-day has been on little volume. If I don’t see a recovery on increasing volume early next week, I’ll probably take the loss on this one since the odds are starting to stack against me.

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