$IMCR – SOLD: -1.00R, Stopped Out

Just WOW! WTF just happened? This started off so well from a good setup, then WHAM, I got crushed! At its lowest point it was down 10.24% in a blink. To add insult to injury, almost as soon as I got stopped out it recovered a significant amount of that loss. Ouch, no news or anything.

An interesting observation is that when I’ve been stopped out, it’s all in one huge move. The prices haven’t just grinded down until it hit my stop, it’s almost always one big plunge that gets me. Anyway, despite that debacle, the chart is still in tacked and worth keeping an eye on.

All I can say is, at least I went in with a minimum position, I made that decision based on market uncertainty, but mostly because I don’t trust biotech too much. They are fun when you catch them on the good side but cut you up pretty fierce on the bad side. Not to mention they make moves like that for no reason at all.

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