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I use the Flash Trades tool in Think or Swim to get alerts to large equity trades. I plot the amount and price of the big prints and watch for a cause, Once I think I have enough evidence of what the affect will be, I follow the big money.


It went up a bit after executing my order. It’s much the same as before with good daily strength, but weak weekly strength. The support is at 6.10. Wait until it closes back below that to add. It’s still right at the down channel resistance with all the MA’s just over that. If it should…


Yesterday did what I expected and bounced a little off 22.70 support, but didn’t act very strong. I was using XLE to help manage this position, but this is not in the Energy sector. It appears to be an Industrial. I need to monitor XLI. XLI looks weak, but did close just over it’s resistance….

OPEN: SIRI(1) 10% Short at $6.09

PENDING: SIRI(1) 10% Short

SIRI added two consecutive prints today, both over 1m shares at 6.13. The price is right at the convergence of the 20SMA and down channel resistance. The daily strength looks good, but the longer term weekly is weak. I used a 5y chart to plat some support at 6.10, which is right where it closed….


XLE went down and AES also continued down with increasing volume. However, now its right at 22.7 support. I’m expecting some bounce off that. If there is and XLE doesn’t recover, short the remaining into the strength.


XLE closed with no gain below it’s resistance, but hard to tell if it confirmed or rejected yesterday’s potential reversal candle. Meanwhile, AES closed lower again on consistent volume. Remain watching for XLE reversal confirmation, or AES retest of broken support at 23.50.

CLOSED: CCL 100% Position at $25.50 for 1.96% Loss

I should have closed it yesterday when that upper wick and down day showed further rejection.


Today closed at its low of the day on increasing volume. The weekly and daily strength continues to deteriorate. However the Energy sector ETF (XLE), was the only sectors to close green today. It showed strong volume, but little reaction. Today also had a big print on the XLE. It remained green, but closed at…

OPEN: AES(2) 20% Short at $23.40


Up day on big volume. I don’t like the way it closed. The selling at the end of the day left a long upper wick shooting star reversal candle. Just watch the close tomorrow. If the candle is confirmed, then close the position.

PENDING: AES(2) 20% Short

It started the day going back up as soon as my order to short filled. It went up to the convergence of the 20 and 50SMAs and the down channel resistance where it got rejected. It was a lower volume day that ended green, but still closed below 23.50 resistance. I like the look. Add…

OPEN: CCL(1) 20% Long at $26.01

OPEN: AES(1) 50% Short at $23.39

PENDING: CCL(1) 20% Long

Past prints were in the prior support/resistance range. The volume has increased the past few days on the move over that resistance. The daily strength is showing increasing strength as the MACD just crossed. The ADX is still low, but increasing. The weekly strength is also showing increasing strength. The MACD hasn’t crossed just yet,…

PENDING: AES(1) 50% Short

Lots of prints over the last month right at the 23.50 support. The daily strength indicators are getting weaker and the ADX is rising. Implying the the weakness may be accelerating. The weekly also looks weak. Yesterday closed just below support on high volume. 5 days ago was a shooting star reversal candle, right at…