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Freshpet, Inc. manufactures and markets natural fresh products, refrigerated meals, and treats for dogs and cats in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The company sells its products under the Freshpet brand; and Dognation and Dog Joy labels through various classes of retail, including grocery, mass, club, pet specialty, and natural, as well as online. Freshpet, Inc. was incorporated in 2004 and is headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey.

FRPT – Closed trade +13.18%

The market is looking wonky. I had an overall 50% position and this 25% portion was up 2.57R. My goal is 2R, so I took the opportunity to sell before the market might roll over.

FRPT – Order filled @ $87.14

Today hit my target, but closed below it. The volume was average. I will wait to add more until it has a real BO on high volume or sets up to BO after some very low volume.

FRPT – Pending order

Stop Trigger = $87.00 | Limit = $87.14 | Stop Loss = $82.65 | 25% addon position

FRPT – Order filled @ $78.50

Stop Trigger = $78.40 | Limit = $78.60 | Stop Loss = $74.48 | 25% Position. I want to see if buying a BO retest works. I placed the order intraday, so I didn’t get a chance to enter a pending order on here.

FRPT – Added to watchlist

This one is a little different. It looks like it broke out, but is coming back to retest the BO. If it continues to fall on decreasing volume to, or below the BO price, its a buy.