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Palomar Holdings, Inc. is a property insurance company. The Company is focused on providing specialty property insurance products for individuals and businesses. Its primary business includes Residential Earthquake, Commercial Earthquake, Specialty Homeowners, Commercial All Risk, Hawaii Hurricane, Residential Flood and REI. It distributes products through multiple channels, including retail agents, program administrators, wholesale brokers, and in partnership with other insurance companies. The Residential Earthquake products offered in 17 states primarily under the brand names Value Select and Flex Choice. Commercial Earthquake products focused on providing coverage for benign commercial risks. Specialty Homeowners product provides admitted insurance coverage to homeowners in wind-exposed coastal regions. Commercial All Risk insurance covers the perils of fire and wind, with wind including hurricane, tornado, and hail storm.

PLMR – Pending order

Stop Trigger = $86.00 | Limit = $86.18 | Stop Loss = $81.70 | 25% Position. The setup is right, but I’d like to see it go another few days before BO. This was a successful trade the first time. Now that the new base looks like its about done, it’s time to play it…

PLMR – Closed trade +10.86%

My goal right now is 2R gains. I got 2.17R on this one.

PLMR – Trade update @ $81.75

Today I’m up 3.37R, so moving stop up to $77.66 to protect a 2:1 ratio.

PLMR – Order Filled @ $69.96

PLMR – Pending Order

Stoplimit set for full position. Stop trigger at $65.50 with limit at $69.96.