Lessons Learned

Pay attention to your orders. I’ve missed a few good trades, or didn’t get out as soon as I wanted because I messed up the order type, or put the wrong stop loss and stopped out too quickly.

When setting up a stop/limit order per position sizing, raise the stop trigger if the stop trigger and limit are the same price. Make sure the limit is at least a penny higher than the stop trigger. I missed a great move on IIIN because, per my position size, the stop trigger and limit were the same price. The price hit the stop to trigger the limit, but kept going over the limit and the trade never filled. It’s better to adjust your positions size up a few cents to create a little gap between the stop trigger and limit than it is to miss the trade all together.

In almost all cases, wait until after the close to place orders for the next day. Do not place orders intraday. Only if volume is very high can you sell intraday.

While pyramiding a position, keep an eye on the next resistance level. If the risk/reward isn’t favorable between the next buy area and the resistance area then wait to buy. If it closes over the resistance with volume, then pyramid there. If it gets rejected at the resistance level on lower volume, you will get a better price by buying the dip.