When all indicators look really good, don’t wait for super low volume to plot the pivot point. As long as the volume is below the 50 day average and low relative to the previous few bars, you can start placing orders. If it goes down more on even less volume, then adjust your stop/limit order to the new pivot. I’ve missed a few great trades waiting for the volume to get even lower when it was probably low enough already to start placing orders.

Start looking for pivots after the third drawdown. If the third has already occurred and a breakout has happened, still watch for the retest.

The volume, price action and candles are the primary indicators. They are the only forward looking ones. Strength indicators, MACD, ADX and RSI are secondary. They are important to watch when in a trend, but the primary indicators will tell of an upcoming reversal. The strength indicators are backwards looking, so aren’t as good at telling when changes are coming. If the secondary indicators do not agree with the primary, go with the primary if the conviction is strong.

I get in too early. I need to use the weekly and the daily to help with the timing. The strength indicators on the weekly need to show strength as well as on the daily. Or, even better if the weekly shows strength and daily shows weakness, but improving.