Author: <span class="vcard">keithmj</span>

EVER – Removed from watchlist

Today was a big drawdown that did some technical damage. I was never fully convinced it was a great trade because it seemed so late in the phase.

AYX – Closed trade +10.14%

Sold this 25% portion at 2.01R. The market is looking weak and this porting had met my goal.

FRPT – Closed trade +13.18%

The market is looking wonky. I had an overall 50% position and this 25% portion was up 2.57R. My goal is 2R, so I took the opportunity to sell before the market might roll over.

PJT – Cancelled pending order

The price, MACD and RSI keep falling. Financials are ok, but not so great to keep the order open while the technical deteriorate.

ACLS – Pending Order

Stop Trigger = $29.00 | Limit = $29.00 | Stop Loss = $27.55 | 25% Position. I got stopped out earlier today after a failed BO. I still like it and think it will work. Raised my buy price a bit this time to increase odds of a more quality BO if I get it.

PLMR – Pending order

Stop Trigger = $86.00 | Limit = $86.18 | Stop Loss = $81.70 | 25% Position. The setup is right, but I’d like to see it go another few days before BO. This was a successful trade the first time. Now that the new base looks like its about done, it’s time to play it…

ACLS – Closed trade -5.39%

Got stopped out. I still like it with good fundamentals. I think I got in too early. It’s worth another entry.

AYX – Order filled @ $163.09

Added 50% for a full 100% position. Ended in a doji, so its undecided what it wants to do next.

ACLS – Order filled @ $28.76

Started a 25% position. Good move on volume that failed to BO. The market was bad overall which didn’t help.

AYX – Pending order

Stop Trigger = $163.00 | Limit = $163.09 | Stop Loss = $154.85 | 50% Position | $98.88 Risk. It keeps going up on increased volume, so I will add the remaining 50% and carry a full position.